Our Approach

Legal issues have the potential to disrupt or seriously harm your business if not addressed quickly and successfully. We help you evaluate your  situation, suggest solutions that fit your business model, and bring our legal experience to bear on your behalf.  We also add input from our Resource Partners, non-lawyer business-oriented professionals, to offer you creative and cost-effective roads to success.



We believe that there are two sides to every dispute, which make an early, honest and thorough assessment of your legal, and non-legal, options critical. Business disputes of all types need suggestions of the earliest and most efficient resolution. We blueprint your matter up front with you — so there is no mystery, no flailing, no wasted time or money. Every move has a strategic purpose; every action a tactical goal. We create, implement, execute and deliver together.

If it is worrying you, it is worrying us.


Resource Partners

Every matter has its individual needs — specialized assets to be mobilized to address specific issues. We pride ourselves in providing a vetted team of those assets – our Resource Partners – on call whenever and wherever they are needed to provide  first class efficient advice for you at a  lower, controlled cost.  Our lawyer-led teams help evaluate  your matter, individually, including, if needed, considerations of Engineering, Economics, Document Management, E-Discovery, Trial Technology, Financial Analysis, Litigation Funding and Public Relations. Go to “OUR TEAM” to meet YOUR team.



We build our teams to serve your needs. Always available, responsive and accountable, your requirements are our priority. Every member of the Cherian LLP team – lawyers, administrators, and resources such as eDiscovery and economic modeling – are available to you for your matter. As a client of the firm, you are a client to each and every one of us.



Success can take multiple forms and we define success through your vision. We are focused on achieving the best possible results, and in the shortest time – by aggressively helping you achieve your goals and reduce or eliminate your risks and liabilities. Our highest priority is to place you in the best strategic position to compete and succeed.


Financial Management

We believe in the careful financial management of every matter you entrust to us. Efficiency is a priority and we pride ourselves on being able to offer you large firm experience at small firm rates. We are accountable and responsible for all expenditures. We treat your money as if it were our money. We set and meet budget expectations, provide spending updates and  alternatives at each stage, and provide third-party financing where necessary or desirable.